Out today - Iceline - the novel

Posted on 19th August, 2012

Out today at Smashwords.com Iceline - the novel.

Iceline by Martyn Taylor

I like that, it sort of rolls off the tongue, I digress.

About the book, available at Smashwords and soon to be rolled out through online bookstores.

Low volume and very high value; diamonds were coming ashore with the scuba gear. HM Customs called it the Iceline and it stretched across the North Atlantic.

A mix up at the bottle stack by the dive shop and a tourist becomes a missing person. Weeks later he turns up, battered, bruised and bloody. Don Steel wasn't any tourist, his new enemies were unknown, but they are determined that he would lie down and be quiet. Airlifted and hospitalised they pursue him on to the ward and out across the West of Scotland. Cat and mouse across the highlands and islands to a final showdown in Tobermory and one friend finds out just how far he will go.

Follow the link above and try the sample chapters.

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