The goods came around North Cape, then south towards Scotland where some shipments came ashore. Compact packages with a high market value – Diamonds out of Russia moving along the Ice line, some for Western Europe, others crossed the Atlantic and made landfall in Canada.


Packed into scuba cylinders they came ashore with the regular bottles from the dive boats.


Wrong place and wrong time put a diver on the missing persons list until he turned up sixty miles away bloody, battered and barely conscious.


  Now he was looking for the answers, and determined to get them!


Chapter One


He slumped against the wire binding and the metal chaffed his skin drawing blood. He shivered as the draught skittered under the door of the barn and prowled around his feet, gagged on his own stench and vomited a thin dribble of bile. The spasms stopped and he heard the scuffling footsteps in the yard outside and the heavy grating of the barn door as it dragged across the stone. Thick fingers grabbed his hair and wrenched his head back and a voice whispered with the crispness of dead leaves. "Still with us?"

The pain flared as a thick leather glove wrapped with barbed wire punched him in the face. The agony dulled and he went limp, his mind on the edge and his breath ghostly and shallow. A grimy thumb peeled back an eyelid and showed the whites before he passed out and pissed himself.

"Cut him loose."


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