The Grange – country house and estate.

William 'Bill' Jardine's change of direction after a career in technology and aerospace. 

Elegant and comfortable surroundings redolent of gracious country living are offered to the guests along with an opportunity for action and activity - Paintball, Team-building, mental and physical challenges - always on the lookout for that extra special flavour to add spice to the mixture.

A quiet place to unwind or to build a team; drawing on the strengths inherent in a group and tightening the bonds through extra-curricular activity.

A discreet location where parties could meet to discuss delicate matters away from prying eyes and ears.

Dual role; commercial and open, regular guests – quiet and confidential, the guest book is cleared with the greatest discretion and ruffled feathers and egos soothed.

Reputation and word of mouth are the best assets in The Grange portfolio, carefullly nurtured by staff and guests alike.

 – with a warm invitation to come back and enjoy it all again.