A simple choice, and the repercussions haunted him for over a decade. A key stroke put him over the line and men in suits hammered down his door. Arkwright sweated through the questioning until the serpentine smile beguiled him into taking an offer he couldn’t refuse.


Turn around, hack the hacker, black to white and he was now working with the suits. Grey suited men in a grey world where his real persona faded to a memory.


Arkwright had forgotten who he was and the knowledge gnawed at him. He needed a way out, and the Grange would find one, at a cost.


Chapter One.

(Thursday morning)



Malcolm Baker touched a finger to his lips and slid it across his throat as he sat down and lobbed his cap on the desk. Bill Jardine reached under the desk and flicked a switch. “Sound is off.”

“Thanks.” He unclipped his tie and unbuttoned the collar of his shirt.

Jardine leaned forward and pressed call on the intercom. “Josie, coffee for two, large Thermos, and if anyone asks I’m not”

“OK Boss.” The speaker crackled and he released the button.

“I’m imagining all this?”

“Very lucid dream,” Baker grinned and sat in the buttoned leather chair. Jardine closed the file on his desk and creased the spine with his thumb before he put it away in a drawer. “Out with it then, what’s the problem?

“Not certain you can help. That’s why I’m doing this quietly.”

“Seven thirty a.m. and in uniform, wouldn’t call that quietly.”

“Uniform makes me invisible, so who cares about the time.”


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