What You Ask For...




Greased, oily and grubby weren’t descriptions the press used about Jessica, the daughter of Michael and Vivienne Spear until the day the video appeared on YouTube.


He was the head of a research and development company; Vivienne was the talk of the social scene. Suave, polished and sophisticated were the descriptors her mother enjoyed and would have preferred for her daughter, not hosed down and stripping her sodden clothes in the stable yard of the Grange.


Chapter One


Josie Burke stepped out on to the terrace overlooking the formal garden and spotted Bill Jardine standing on the neatly raked path admiring the roses. The blue grey cloud of smoke from his briar pipe curled around his head and blew away on the breeze. Michael Spear stepped through the open French Windows behind her. “Thank You Josie, I think I can find him from here.”

Josie stepped aside and watched the tall figure stride down the path and pull the smartphone from his pocket. Jardine straightened with a dead headed rose in his hand and talked around the stem of the pipe. “Michael, I wasn’t expecting you this afternoon.”

“That makes two of us handling the unexpected.” He pushed the phone toward his old friend, “I take it this wasn’t on the list of expectations either?”

Jardine dropped the rose on the path and slipped the pipe from his mouth. “Sorry, not following you.”

“The video, YouTube, my daughter and your secretary?”

“Oh that.” Jardine bit his lip. He knew exactly what Michael Spear meant, “You’re right, that wasn’t on the list.”

“It’s on my list..."


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