Nano on the way

Posted on 27th October, 2012

Nanowrimo -

National Novel Writing Month

Is just around the corner, and I signed up a couple of weeks ago to take the challenge. Fifty thousand words in thirty days, dodging around 1667 words a day to make the target. Start off on the 1st with a blank screen and hopefully a far from blank mind, and go for the tape at the end of the month, and cross the finishing line with a good sized chunk of a novel, or maybe a completed short novel. Heading for the beginning of December and the prospect of tucking into a celebratory treat - chocolate cake, pork pie, bacon sandwich, whatever and washing it down with a nice beer.

Much better than not making the target and having to eat my words.

So there is the target and the inventive - December !st, total word count 50,000+ words and celebration.

Have fun, and maybe if I get the time, I'll try and keep you posted (must work out how it install word count widget thingy.


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