Twenty One days and counting

Posted on 22nd November, 2012

The word count is going up as the days are counting by, Nanowrimo is in full swing and the fingers on the keyboards across Yorkshire and beyond to the four corners of the globe are dancing across the letters and sprinting down the pages. Adventure, Science Fiction, Romance, Intrigue, whatever your choice might be there will be someone having a bash. 

Keyboard pounding, brain stretching, pulse racing, tension, action, and that's just the process of writing it all down. The words tumble on to the pages and the seemingly endless army of letters form up in rank and file, paragraph by paragraph across hundreds of thousands of screens in dozens of countries. There must be, somewhere in the world in every second of every day of November one person writing their story, a month long wave of typing running constantly around the world .Rising and falling in intensity, but never actually stopping until the stroke of midnight on the thirtieth. 

Meanwhile, back at the caffeine dispenser, the kettles boil and the mugs are refilled, and maybe, just to loosen up, the wine glasses or whisky tumblers are charged. 



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