Wizard show chaps, bagged it!

Posted on 30th November, 2012

The tee-shirt says it all - 30 days, 50000 words 0 excuses. Uploaded the text of What You Ask For... just before midnight on the 29th and the light bar on the Smashwords work in progress read goal reached. 50000 in 30, target acquired. it's been fun, and the writing isn't going to stop, What You Ask For isn't quite finished yet, there is still more action and adventure to come before the final page is done. Nanowrimo 2012 will always be a part of that book and my first shot at the Nano challenge will be logged as a win. I have had thirty days of fun, typing the words, formatting the text and publishing as work in progress on Smashwords, and the downloads suggest that someone has been reading the book as quickly as I have written it, in fact they may have read it better than I did, some nights the spellcheck scanned the text, the rudimentary grammar sweep built into word chucked out a few questions and adjustments, but beyond that the text went straight up. The immediacy of that sort of writing is bracing, and I never thought it would be something I would do, happy I did, might do it again, probably next year. 



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