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Posted on 12th June, 2013

Mike Adamson, an intern at the Office of Letters and Light, the people behind National Novel Writing Month has posted his experiences of Camp Nanowrimo in April, a really good piece about the rigours of a fifty thousand word thrity day challenge and the drive needed to get you through. 

Check it out here, light hearted but with a serious note behind it. Well done to everyone who gave the Camp Nanowrimo challenge a shot in April. The next one starts in a couple of weeks at the beginning of july, am I going for that not sure at the moment. I may take the plunge at the last minute, but the big one in November, National Novel Writing Month itself is aready in the diary. 


Fifty thousand words in thirty days sounds crazy, even if you say it quickly, but break it down and the average is a couple of thousand words a day. Can't do it, I wouldnt be so sure, think of how many words you might use in conversation in a day, then add the total for a week and multiply that by four, and add the extra couple of days to make the thirty. You will be amazed at the number you come up with.


Ok, so you're writing them down instead of talking, but think about it anyway. If you have promised yourself that "One day I will write a novel," make the day November the 1st 2013, and start the journey through Nanowrimo. If you can't wait for November, go to Camp Nanowrimo for the 1st of July. Have a look around Nanowrimo and pick up the vibe, read the blogs, have a go.

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