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Posted on 15th September, 2013

Coming soon... hopefully very soon newpages for the webiste. Two projects imminent; Grange Four, not the most original of title but at the moment a fledgling work in prgress still trundling down the runway trying to get enouh lift for take off and Nanowrimo 2013. 


Grange Four has a few opening chapters, information will be posted as and when on its own page and we can share the journey, watching it stagger through the word count.


Nanorwimo 2013 will get its own page in due course, along with a title and maybe some cover art. Nano 2012 is still being proofed and edited, but the work in prgress draft text is available free to download at I would love to hear from anyone who has read it, drop me a line via the contact page here at 

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