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Posted on 1st October, 2013

There is a corner of the Grange the visitors don't often see, the working part of the estate down by Home farm.  Bill Jardine keeps an eye on what is happening and about this time of the year the fields of wheat and barley would be harvested, cut and bundled and gathered in. 


The novels have had the same, a new corner of smashwords where a series can be found collected together, pop along and have  alook. The first two books are there at The Grange and throughout October Iceline is free with the code XX74J and Control Escape with code QS72V.


What You Ask For is still undergoing revision, being checked and edited, and will join the others in due course. (It is still free to download)


Pop along and have a look, grab a brace of books and enjoy the adventure!

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