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Posted on 11th December, 2015

It's easy to let things slide, and tracking a page view over at Martyn's Blog recently I noticed a link back to here at cheekyseagull chatter, only, there hasn't been much chattering going on for the best part of the year, so a quick update.


Iceline is still free on all sites, Control Escape. What You Ask For and The Obedience of Fools are now available through all the distribution channels available at smashwords, i.e. the usual suspects; iTunes, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, etc, check out the site at smashwords for the details.


I packed a double dose of NaNoWriMo into the last twelve months, Camp NaNoWrimo in July gave me a chance to kick The Obedience of Fools into gear and put the project to bed;


The final scene came together in October, with Steel and Major Thornton on the bridge beside the station at Goathland on the North York Moors Railway, in the scene the Black 5 "Eric Treacy" is waiting at the station, and co-incidentally, on the day the book was finished the engine was actually on service hauling passenger traffic 


Gone to Earth is still a work in progress, and currently on hold while the NaNo 15 entrant "Clear Water" packs some mileage into its journey.


I took a different approach this year, only posting the word count on line at the NaNoWriMo website on the page for Clear Water. and the widgets relaying the running total here on the home page.


The idea behind the story is a question put to me some time ago by a fellow writer; where do they come from and whose authority do they operate under, if any one is in charge other than Jardine.


It's the first time I've done NaNoWriMo behind closed doors, so to speak, with the text available to my eyes only, and not sharing it with the readers online. I needed the change, and the time saved by not posting the text, time I would have spent formatting and uploading to smashwords put me over the finishing line in 25 days on 53,115 words, a daily average of 2,124 word up to day 25, with the extra days to reach the end of November, the average dropped to 1770, but still a touch above the minimum required of 1667.


Been there, done it,and the tee shirt is on order, again.


Four winners, racking up a total word count of 207,340 words, and three of them now fully fledged and out in the world. 


Check them out, follow the links and get yourself a slice of the action.










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