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Posted on 15th June, 2016

I know, it can be irritating, one moment it's there on your screen and then: it's gone. The screen refreshed and what you were looking at isn't there any more.

The page for Gone to earth has just disappeared. If you were in the middle of looking at it, I apologise, but there is a reason. I took the book offline at smashwords a month or so ago, and somehow due to a technical error (basically I forgot!) it remained on the website.


Gone to Earth has, gone to earth for the time being while I pull the rest of the story together and finish the job. As usual, a completed draft will be posted on smashwords, and subsequently through the distribution channels when it is completed. In the meantime, if you aren't already part of the action try the rest of the Grange stories on your device, and be a part of it. 



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