Next move, which direction?

Posted on 10th August, 2016

The downside of Independence, I can't blame anyone else when something doesn't appear to be working. I made the call, I take the hit.


Iceline keeps racking up the downloads, nothing spectacular at the moment, and if I'm honest all the books in the series, The Grange, could do with a good hard look and perhaps rewriting in places. The rest of the series is basically flat-lining, going nowhere fast. 


Minimal advertising and not getting my backside in gear are most likely the problem, and I am the solution. 


This calls for relatively long term planning, it may stem the flow of new material but looking at the history of the novels and the characters involved may also breathe fresh life into the books.


At the moment, NaNoWriMo is off the calendar for this year. I've taken the challenge for the last four years and cracked the total within the time limit on every occasion. Now is the time to consolidate what I have. Step back, look long and hard at the material and work with it. 

The last two NaNoWriMo books have yet to be finished, and bolstered by the confidence of the challenge I know I can do it, this may be the time to get stuck and get them done. 


There will be regular postings through Martyn's blog follow the link from and I'll stop off here for a quick chat now and then, just to keep the faithful up to date, but as for actual dates and times? They'll come in due course.


In the meantime, enjoy, grab the books and the action.



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